50 Year Old Chinese Mom Looks So Young People Think She’s Her Son’s Girlfriend

Written by Ruchi Dalal

A wellness dream for some moms is to normally look sufficiently youthful to go off as their kids’ skin. A 50-year-old Chinese mom, Liu Yelin, sets a record here that is difficult to beat. She looks so misleadingly youthful that she regularly gets bothered by outsiders inquiring as to whether her 22-year-old child is her new sweetheart.

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It’s difficult to accuse those outsiders, however – Yelin can without much of a stretch go for a lady in her twenties with her sparkling skin and impressive body which can even put supermodels to disgrace. Despite the fact that she is going to touch fifty years old, Yelin does not have even a solitary wrinkle in sight – she says she feels like a fifteen-year-old on the most fundamental level.

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When she opened her record in Chinese interpersonal interaction site Weibo, Yelin was swarmed by 75000 devotees inside days, who needed to know the insider facts of her obviously endless energy. Indeed, even television executives and makers were battling to have her on their shows. Yelin, however, asserts that she has scarcely ever utilized any corrective excellence item.

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All she has done is exercise enthusiastically throughout the previous thirty years. Her most loved movement is swimming – she has swum in even below zero temperatures as an approach to both physically and rationally strengthen herself. Used to swimming in lakes and waterways, she responded to the call to swim over the Strait of Malacca a year ago.

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Despite the fact that it was inconceivable troublesome with the salt water feeling like a thousand cuts in her mouth, she at last dealt with the accomplishment in four hours. The ever energetic mother of one’s saying is basic – on the off chance that you are not looking sufficient, you are not sweating sufficiently out. She plans to hold her magnificence through her dynamic way of life even in her eighties.

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